Life of a  498A Women:

From the day I get married, I want to separate my husband from his parents and misappropriate his parents’ property. I want my husband to be an earning slave of my megalomaniac parents. So I harass torture my in-laws with the legal consequences .

I steal all the jewelry from my husband’s house.

I bad-mouth my husband and his family

The irony is that everybody sympathizes with me, because I’m a woman. What works for me is my lie-and-cry policy: With my superbly dramatized crocodile tears, I succeed in making my lies seem true. because the law is biased & corrupt. Judge simply says to my husband “give her money to get rid of these cases”

Finally, I dump my husband and involve him, his family and even his distant relatives including senior citizens and even children into false dowry case. Dowry law is a must-arrest law and NON-BAILABLE. Arrest is made without any investigation. The accused is presumed guilty until proven innocent. Court & police helps us

I lie to my friends that my divorce proceedings are ongoing. In reality, I harass my husband and his relatives with false dowry and other criminal cases to extort money from them. Since laws are in my favor, I misuse them for money. To save his innocent parents from going to jail but him, so he agrees to pay me a huge amount of money I demanded as settlement. Legally, it is my tax-free alimony. I become rich by marrying. I have right to cheat

I am also called 498A women (woman) a legal prostitute