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All she does is Bitching

You have grudge against me. So where was the need to implicate my relatives?
If I resolve to pardon you, is it necessary that my implicated relations will pardon you?
You attribute the family breaking behaviour to me, you are still unrepentful of your adulterous life.
You conquered my inherent weaknesses ruled for 7.5 years and ruined me, You never can imagine my strengths.
You removed the rights of my kid to access me. You fed her mind with poison for so long time.
Where on earth and heaven Will any GOD excuse you for your guilt!
You bitch, If you are born from semen of only one man(not necessarily your father), accept your wrong-doing and take responsibility for assasinating the child-hood of my daughter.
You bitch and your clan, I show you “THIS”

show finger at you

show finger at you


498A for Dummies

WHAT’S THE use of being empowered, if you are unable to cause harassment, pain and suffering to the husband and his family to the point of suicide? If this is your objective, IPC section 498A can come in handy for you. This not only makes sure that you cause trauma, harassment and pain to your husband’s family, but also you get paid in full for it in due course. So gear up women, here is a crash course in 498A.

Here is the modus operandi of a false 498A. It’s actually easier than ordering a pizza and will cause assured harassment for the husband’s family…

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